Halle Berry To Get Her Hands Dirty With Directorial Debut ‘Bruised’

Image Courtesy OF 20th Century Fox

It’s a story we’ve seen play out multiple times in the last decade. An A-List actor, either at the top of their game or in the midst of finding their footing, turns their attention behind the camera. Back in the day an actor moving over to the directors chair was something of a stunner. Yet within the last decade the switch has become more frequent, even more the last couple of years. Halle Berry is the latest to throw her hat into the ring, tackling probably one of the safest categories possible: the sports redemption story.

Deadline broke the news that not only will Berry talk on helming duties with Bruised, she’s also take on the lead role. The story centers on disgraces former MMA fighter Jackie “Justice”. Her life is thrown into disarray, when the 6 year old son she walked on out years ago, shows up on her doorstep.

On the page the story may not sounds the most original idea, but it’s the type of genre fare that never dies. Seriously. Everyone loves a good underdog story. Boxing movies still get made without fail for that very fact. Even as that sport’s popularity takes a nosedive. MMA, on the other hand, arguably has a stronger foothold in the public consciousness. Yet it doesn’t get any many films made on the subject. The last great film I can think of with that as it’s focus, was 2011’s Warrior. If Berry can tap into that kind of magic, Bruised will definitely be a film to keep an eye on.

Berry’s had a weird go of it recently. She’s split time between smaller films (The Call, Kidnap) and big blockbusters (Days of Future Past, Kingsman: The Golden Circle). Regardless of the size, she’s always a welcome addition. Switching easily between drama, comedy and action. Heck, she’s got a part in John Wick 3: Parrabellum too. People just love them some Halle Berry. Hard to argue with.

Speaking of that film, Berry’s time on the production seems to have rubbed off on her. She’ll re-team with that film’s fight choreographers, upping Bruised’s pedigree. Not only that, but she’ll be joined by Basil Iwanyk on the production side of things.

Bruised is still a bit of a ways off, not starting production next March. In the meantime, the actress was recently announced as taking the lead in a remake of 1985’s Jagged Edge. Like we said, she keeps busy. Rest assured, we’ll update you on developments for both properties, as they become available.


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