Get Sufficiently Spooked By This New Clip From ‘Gretel & Hansel’

Image Courtesy of Orion Pictures

Only a few weeks into 2020 and there’s already been a feast for horror hounds. Not only in the VOD space overpouring with options, the movie houses aren’t a slouch either. Just as The Grudge and Underwater shuffle off from theaters, another formidable entry enters the ring. In this case it’s Osgood Perkins’ take on the classic fairy tale, now with the switched title of Gretel & Hansel. To get you excited for the upcoming release, we’re proud to share with you this official new clip. Enjoy.

Here’s the official synopsis to accompany that footage:

“The story you know hides a dark secret. From visionary director Oz Perkins comes a terrifying new twist on a classic tale.”

That looks really really enticing. The visuals alone sell it. If you haven’t checked out Perkins other work, it’s highly recommended you seek out The Blackcoat’s Daughter, immediately. He has a way of weaving slow burn stories into something rather creepy. Going off of what we see above, he just appears to be him honing his craft that much further. Be sure to check out Gretel & Hansel when it hits theaters on January 31st.

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