SNEAKERHEADZ, the engrossing documentary from directors David T. Friendly (Academy Award nominated producer of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE) and Mick Partridge (SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA, DECODING ANNIE PARKER, MERCY) will debut in theaters and on Video on Demand (VOD) this fall. Through a collaboration between AT&T, Gravitas Ventures, Complex and Submarine Deluxe, the film will ultimately have a theatrical day and date release while simultaneously debuting on AT&T U-verse® Video on Demand, the U-verse mobile app and on


The acclaimed film recently made its world premiere in the Documentary Spotlight section at the SXSW Film Festival.  The film was sponsored by AT&T, who came aboard the project shortly after shooting was completed.


To Rock or Stock? Sneakerheads will do almost anything to get their hands on a unique pair of kicks, going to such extreme lengths as hiding in trash cans to score a pair of Retro Jordan 11s to camping for days in subzero temperatures for the latest Nike Foamposites. How did sneakers become as prized as collectable art? From the shores of Cali to the congested streets of Tokyo, SNEAKERHEADZ examines the cultural influence of sneaker collecting around the world and delves into a subculture whose proud members don’t just want to admire art, they want to wear it.


SNEAKERHEADZ was written produced and co-directed by David T. Friendly along with Mick Partridge and executive produced by Christopher C. Chen, Michael Finley, Andy Friendly, Stephen P. Rader and Wale.

Featured participants in SNEAKERHEADZ include Jeff Staple, Frank the Butcher, DJ Clark Kent, Rob Dyrdek, Jeremy Guthrie, Samantha Ronson, Futura, Wale, DJ Skee, and Hommyo Hidefumi.


Noted Friendly, “we are excited to be teaming up with Gravitas, The Submarine team, and Complex; with their passion, we know our film is in good hands. We cannot wait to see our movie finally on the big screen and in front of audiences around the world.”


Complex Founder and CBO Marc Ecko, who will join as an Executive Producer on the film, stated “We are looking forward to working with all of the stakeholders’ and creative teams in presenting SNEAKERHEADZ to the world. This will be a first in many theatrical releases to come from Complex.  We are confident this film will resonate with our audience– and beyond, as it does a great job at giving an inside look at the phenomenon that is sneaker culture and what makes it tick.  I have always said… sneakers make Fashion less Fascist.  It’s impact on popular culture and fashion is undeniable.”

“We are excited to be working with Nolan Gallagher and the Gravitas team and Complex team on David Friendly, Mick Partridge and Chris Chen’s SNEAKERHEADZ,” said Dan Braun, Co-President of Submarine.  “We at Submarine are all big sneaker fans ourselves and feel this film will be the definitive document of this vibrant culture and look forward to bringing SNEAKERHEADZ to the big screen.”


“SNEAKERHEADZ speaks to the collector in all of us who appreciate art, fashion, and the joy of being in a community of like-minded enthusiasts. We are thrilled to work with David Friendly, Mick Partridge, Marc Ecko and Complex and the Submarine Deluxe team to unveil this unique film,” said Nolan Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Gravitas Ventures.


Exclusive content also will be on the AT&T U-verse Buzz Channel, which will air interviews with Friendly and Partridge about the movie and the sneaker culture. The segments will air in the breaks during the Tribeca Show starting April 10 on the Buzz Channel, 300 in SD/1300 in HD.