Channel Surf Through Television History With The First Trippy ‘WandaVision’ Trailer

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/Disney

In year when Marvel planned to set the world on fire, both on the big and small screen, nothing is going as anyone could have forseen. Black Widow may or may not be released in November. The Eternals jumped to 2021, clearing space for the previously mentioned film. The Falcon & Winter Soldier got hit with delays due to covid-19. Leaving the “on the paper” great WandaVision as the lone thing to set our sights on. Well, after viewing this first trailer for the Disney+ series, that might just turn out to be ok.





Here’s the official synopsis for the show:

“Welcome to WandaVision. Coming soon to Disney+. Marvel Studios’ captivating new series “WandaVision” stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and marks the first series from Marvel Studios streaming exclusively on Disney+. The series is a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision—two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives—begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.”


Let’s take a moment just to bask in the oddness of the trailer. Given how grounded-ish and formulaic-ish the films can be, this is a big departure. The goofy surreal tone, mixed with the darkness underneath, there’s a bunch going on. There’s a vibe that’s partially connect to Tim King’s Visions comic, which ran from 2015-2016. It followed Vision as he attempted to settled down into domestic Suburban bliss, complete with robot wife and kids, with things taking a turn for the not great. It was a wonderful exercise and if WandaVision has half that energy, this will be a great first outing for Marvel and Disney.

Digging a little deeper is how the central comedic tone to everything, isn’t exactly what it seems. Through the shifting tv tropes, it appears that actors get recycled. The inclusion of Kathryn Hahn is specially great, as is her telling Vision (Paul Bettany) he’s dead. Is this some weird simulation occuring within his greyed-out body? Is Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) expanding upon the parameters of her reality-warping abilities, to keep her love alive? It’s hard to say, but the possibilities are exciting. Well, unless this makes Wanda go all “House of M” crazy, altering all of reality within the MCU. Yet they couldn’t possibly be going there, could they?

The only thing we can be sure of, is that this show is landing this year. Sometime in December. Making it the Christmas gift we all need and deserve. Once there’s a firm set date, this article will be updated. Needless to say, go get Disney+ immediately. WandaVision is setting up to be one show you won’t want to miss out on. Let the power of this poster compel you!

Image Courtesy of Disney/Marvel Studios
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