Don Johnson Is Joining John Boyega & A Gaggle Of Great Stars For Jeremy Saulnier’s ‘Rebel Ridge’

Image Courtesy of Lionsgate

Whenever an older or semi-maligned star starts getting cast in high profile pictures, it’s deemed a “blank-renaissance”. Yet, what’s it called, when a character or secondary actor has that wave? I’m asking of course, because Don Johnson feels like he’s having that moment. After steady roles in S. Craig Zahler films, Knives Out & Watchmen, he deserves that attention. Specially now that he’s gone and attached himself to Jeremy Saulnier’s next feature, Rebel Ridge.

The always reliable Variety had a sizable news dump on the upcoming Netflix original film. At least when it comes to casting, that is. The biggest name that Johnson will have to contend with will be that of recent Star Wars trilogy star John Boyega. Rounding out the mix are James Badge Dale, James Cromwell, Erin Doherty and Zsane Jhe.

As great as those are, writer – director Sauliner is the main reason to be excited. Each film he crafts is a visceral gut punch. You might not like everything you see, but it’s sure to leave and impression. Murder Party. Blue Ruin. Green Room. Hold the Dark. Just mentioning one of these films easily calls up any number of punishing scenes.

The story is tightly under wraps, with Variety only able to snag the following about Rebel Ridge:

“a high-velocity thriller that explores systemic American injustices through intense action sequences, suspense and dark humor.”

Sold. Sold. Once again, sold. That could mean anything, but with Saulnier and the cast in tow, let me add this to my queue immediately. There’s absolutely no word on when this begins shooting or what a potential release date is, but keep your eyes peeled. If recent trends of the streaming giant are any indication, Rebel Ridge could make it’s premiere at a film festival, before landing on your TV.

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