The New Season Of ‘Doctor Who’ Will Be Simulcast In The UK And US

Doctor Who
BBC America

One of the more aggravating aspects of being a die hard fan of Doctor Who (Whovians, if you will), is the seemingly never-ending wait for the next season. While other tv shows operate like clockwork, ending in the summer and returning in the fall, Who does things a tad different. In addition to a regular series, there’s also the annual, much celebrated, Christmas special. This can be further stymied when the following season gets broken up into two chunks. Or in the case of David Tennant, a few mini-movies, in the place of actual episodes.

An announcement over on Deadline has reveal the premiere date for the 11th season as October 7th. The new slate of episodes features the series 1st female Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her adventures with companions Ryan (Tosin Cole), Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Yasmin (Mandip Gill). Chris Chibnall takes over showrunning duties from Stephen Moffatt.

The news doesn’t stop there though. In a stunning turn of events, BBC America has announced that they will simulcast new episodes of Doctor Who with BBC One. The change comes with the program’s move from Saturday nights to Sunday evenings in the UK. Of course, due to a time difference (6 hours), this means the show will air, in America, early Sunday afternoon. Fret not, as BBC America plans on re-airing the episodes later that day, in a primetime slot.

What do you all think of this news? Exciting? Will you just set your DVR to record, regardless of when it airs? Would you prefer a format of a Christmas special, a Summer film and then a new season? Let us know in the comments. We’ll have more coverage when the adventures of the 13th Doctor begin, in just a few short weeks.

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