Disney Looking to Relaunch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Disney will not be satisfied until they have relaunched all their past cash cows. This list apparently includes film franchises started after the millennium because today it was reported the studio is looking to reboot ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘. The multi billion dollar series was launched in 2003 when Johnny Depp first introduced the world to Captain Jack Sparrow. In the next 15 years the franchise went from very exciting to incredibly tired. However, Disney has approached new writers with the hopes of reinvigorating the films once again.

Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick of ‘Deadpool’ fame have been approached by Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. The two writers certainly have shown the pension for making enjoyable popcorn movies and it would be interesting to see what they could do with the source material. It’s not yet known what they would try to do with the series. I highly doubt they would remake it. It seems much more likely that in a few years we will see Ryan Reynolds playing a wise-cracking PG-13 pirate.

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