This Trailer For ‘Dial Code Santa Claus’ Is All You Need For Christmas

Dial Code Santa Claus
Image Courtesy Of L.M. Productions/ AGFA

Every year, right around November, there’s one to two Christmas related movies that burst in to theaters. They’re usually not very good, existing instead to make a quick buck Other times they’re used as a diversion, for those wanting a break from their family. That dearth of quality releases, has kept part of the movie going public safely at home, where they can watch any number of classics. Yet, after a while those offerings become stale. You know them by hard and long for something new or at least unseen by most in North America. Behold, the trailer for Dial Code Santa Claus.

You probably have several questions. That’s to be expected when faced with greatness, such as this instance above. Yes, that is a Bonnie Tyler Christmas song (that also plays over the end credits). Yes, that child has one of the most glorious mullets ever to grace the silver screen. Believe me when I tell you, this film has everything. A killer homeless Santa Claus. A bobby trapped house that was partially rigged before Santa came knocking. Reckless child endangerment. More laughs than you know what to do with. It’s guaranteed to become part of your future holiday rotation.

Here’s the official synopsis for this wonderful film:

Thomas is a typical 1980s kid: he loves Rambo, computers, role-playing games and his dog. While mom’s away at the office on Xmas Eve, Thomas and his grandfather are left home alone — perfect timing for a disgruntled, perverted, bloodthirsty Santa Claus to raid the home down the chimney. But Hell hath no fury like a mulleted ten-year-old with an arsenal of toys!

Made all the way back in 1989, Dial Code Santa Claus plays like a horror version of Home Alone. A film that took the world by storm just a year later. Which is probably why it languished in obscurity, at least in the US, for almost three decades. Unless you were an enterprising sort who collected bootleg VHS tapes. It had it’s North American premiere, in September at Fantastic Fest, where I happened to catch it and can attest it is ridiculously over the top and and so much fun.

Obviously, what most people want to know, is how they can see this film. Thanks to a new 2k restoration from the fine folks at the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA), you won’t have to wait long. While a Blu-Ray release is slated for next year, people in select cities will get to ring in the holiday (and new year), with a special viewing. Check below for dates and locations.

12/19 (Egyptian – Los Angeles)

12/19 (Boston Underground Film Festival – Boston)

12/23 & 12/19 (Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn – New York)

12/20 (Royal Cinema – Toronto)

12/21 (Alamo Drafthouse – Raleigh, NC)

12/22 (Suns Cinema – Washington D.C.)

12/23 (Frida Cinema – Santa Ana, CA)

12/24 (Alamo Drafthouse Ritz – Austin)

1/9 (Winnipeg Film Group – Winnipeg)

1/19 (Jacob Burns Film Center – Pleasantville, NY)

Mark your calendars accordingly, if it’s coming near you, or start saving for when it hits home video. This is one Christmas film you definitely don’t want to miss. For more information, check out the official website.

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