Chris Pratt Being Looked At To Head ‘The Saint’ Relaunch

The Saint
Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures

First there was Louis Hayward. Followed by George Saunders. Then Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy and more recently Val Kilmer. What list is that? Why, it’s all the previous actors to take on the role of Simon Templar. Otherwise known as The Saint. It appears you can soon add Chris Pratt to that list. Paramount Pictures is in early talks to snatch Pratt up for the lead role in a new series of movies.

The Saint has been a popular character since initially showing up in novels published first in 1928. Over the years he’s been the subject of various movies and TV series. Most famously portrayed by Moore in a 60’s British program and Kilmer in a film from 1997. The Saint is psuedo-Robin Hood or thief for hire, partaking in many adventures across the globe. The one standout through his entire tenure is the logo of a stick figure with a halo above his head.

Pratt makes for an interesting choice to take over the part of Simon Templar. He’s had nothing but franchises thrown at him recently and you’ve got to think fatigue is going to start in sooner or later. Not to mention his pleas on various talk shows about wanting to let himself go a little. Or whatever fat by his standards may be these days. His quippy nature though is perfectly suited for the part. Depending on who they get to be director, the project will likely see him framed for some crime he didn’t commit or tasked with solving a crime that involves him stealing a priceless item. While those may be common elements of most spy thrillers, they remain hallmarks of The Saint.

There’s no word on anything else surrounding the project at the moment, but if Pratt signs on soon, expect them to fast track the first movie. Paramount has been kind of all over the place with theatrical success, outside of action based efforts, such as the Mission Impossible franchise. With those films likely slowing down soon, The Saint would be a solid replacement. If all the other talent involved is top notch. More on this one when we hear more.

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