Breaking Bad + Jason Bateman = Netflix’s Original ‘Ozarks’

Jason Bateman teams up with the ‘House of Cards’ team to bring us a new Netflix Original ‘Ozarks.’

Bateman will direct and serve as an executive producer on the ‘Ozarks.’

The new drama series takes place in the dark and dangerous world of drug-money laundering. The series takes its name from the location where it is set, The Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Production is set to start sometime in late Spring of 2016 and will come out most likely sometime next year on Netflix.

Netflix first original series, House of Cards, took a dark gritty look at American politics (a spin-off from a British show) so if the featured content is drug running and money laundering I can only imagine how dark the series could get.

Bateman has mainly played more upbeat comedic roles (Arrested Development) with an occasional dark indie comedy. The Family Fang, in which he stars alongside Nicole Kidman and Christopher Walken, premiered to strong reviews at the Toronto Film Festival. Other than The Gift I can’t think of to many roles that focused on something unnerving.

The series will also feature rising writer Bill Dubuque (The Judge.) Last year, Dubuque sold his his action-adventure pitch The Real McCoy with Chris Pratt attached to star for Universal. He also wrote the upcoming The Accountant starring Ben Affleck for Warner Bros.

The Ozarks may do for Lake of the Ozarks what Breaking Bad did for Albuquerque, New Mexico. It definitely has a Breaking Bad feeling to it. More on this project as details develop.

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