It’s Groundhog Day, Again & All Bill Murray Has To Save Him Is This Jeep Commercial

Image Courtesy of Jeep/ Columbia Pictures

The entertainment industry and the super bowl have been intertwined for decades. Whether it be pre-show antics, a special “super-sized” TV special that follows the game or the extravagant (sometimes) Halftime Show, it’s easy to see how they mesh. Above that though, there are the commercials. The bloated mega-cash influx that comes from 20 tv spots, is partially thanks to stunt casting and movie trailers. But what if you combined those two elements together and tied in the holiday the day the big game falls on, too? Well, then you’d end up with this strange Groundhog Day 2020 take, brought to you by Jeep. Bill Murray is here and that’s all you need. See for yourself.

Lots of times these ideas fall on their face. Never mind the fact that the product they’re trying to sell seems weirdly out of place. Yet, here is works. There’s Murray’s boundless enthusiasm, a quick and jaunty pace, several laughs and doesn’t overstay its welcome. Part of that has to do with attention to detail. Bringing in Stephen Tobolowsky and Brian Doyle-Murray, to call back specific elements of the 1993 classic, is a masterstroke. Though again, that could just be Murray’s magical charm.

Keep your eyes tuned to Boom Howdy, as we attempt to keep step with all the trailers or fun commercials that pop up during the super bowl. There’s sure to be some big surprise no one is expecting!

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