Ben Affleck Trades Booze For Coaching In This “The Way Back” Trailer

Warner Bros.

Since the DC Movie Universe slowly began to show cracks in its armor (it wasn’t that slow), people wondered what would come next for the latest actor to don the bat cowl, Ben Affleck. Well, it appears he’s not going too far. Affleck is staying relatively close to his recent stomping ground with Warner Bros., but playing a different sort of hardened lout. At least according to this trailer for The Way Back. Take a look.

There’s a straightforwardness here that both appreciated and a little disconcerting. With the possibility existing that “this” is all there is to the movie. Sure there’s an emotional core to be explored, but the cookie cutter structure of it seems like a prestige picture being dumped early. The other side of the coin then is director Gavin O’Connor. He of Warrior and Miracle fame. Which is to say that if anyone can take a rote sports movie plot and make it compelling, it’s him. Really, if you haven’t given a chance to either of those films, they’re well worth your while.

What do you make of the trailer. Are you excited for an underdog basketball story? Do you think Affleck is bringing any baggage from his personal life to the role? Can you squint and imagine this as a weird spiritual sequel to Hoosiers or Blue Chip? Sound off down in the comments below.

The Way Back dribbles its way into theaters on March 6, 2020. Adding a little bit more madness to the basketball work, that dominated that month already.

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