Ava DuVernay is Making a Prince Doc for Netflix

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It’s been two years since the world, sadly, lost a musical legend far too soon. According to deadline though, next year we will see Prince’s life immortalized in a Documentary from Netflix. The director of the project is none other than the hugely talented Ava DuVernay. The Selma director is said to have already begun the project months ago while simultaneously preparing to make her Central Park Five film. This is oddly becoming kind of routine for DuVernay. In 2016 she released another secret Documentary on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the Oscar nominated ‘13th’ i’d highly recommend it to you.

The main aspect that makes this new film so intriguing is that DuVernay has been given complete access by the Prince estate. It’s even rumored that his royal badness requested her for this project before his death. If you know anything about Prince, you know his personal archives are something of an infamous legend. There’s rumored to be tens of albums worth of unreleased fully mastered music. Finished music videos and more. I don’t know how much of the new documentary will consist of previously unseen material, but I’d be great to see what a talent like DuVernay could bring to that work.

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The main downside that will come with the film is how processed it will likely be. That is the tradeoff that exists to get access from the estate and I understand that. However, it usually leads to a lesser film. The HBO Robin Williams documentary was excellent. Though you can’t help wondering how much better it’d be if they didn’t have to shy away from his faults so much. Lives are complicated and messy, I think it’s good when documentaries reflect that.

At the end of the day though we will have an artifact that covers the life of a creative genius made by an incredibly talented film maker. Whenever this comes to Netflix, it will be cause for celebration. When that day comes, I say “Let’s go crazy. Let’s get nuts.”

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