Talk Show Host With Autism Makes Channing Tatum Blush In This Inspiring Interview

In a media landscape filled with male talk show hosts, Carly Fleischmann debuted her new talk show ‘Speechless’ on YouTube. This isn’t your typical talk show, in fact, Carly can’t actually speak. The 21 year-old has nonverbal autism. So how does a talk show host do a show when you can’t actually talk? Through technology of course.

Despite the fact that Fleischmann needs the assistance of tech to ask her questions, no sense of humor or comedic timing was lost as she interviewed her man crush, Channing Tatum. Armed with some snarky humor she caught Channing off guard on several occasions throughout the interview. Check out some of the best moments below and watch the full clip in its entirety.

So, About Your Wife…
The interview started off hot and heavy with Carly asking Channing to leave his wife and be with her. She wasted no time setting the tone of the interview – which helped break the ice. Tatum laughed and said he would need to ask permission from his wife but he would date someone with Autism.

carly_channing_1Channing Did Some Naughty Things as a Teen (Didn’t We All?)
It was rumored that Channing was quite a rebellious young man in his teen years. Carly called him out on it and asked what kind of things did Tatum do to get in trouble?

It turns out he used to spent his youth running wild around his community in Florida vandalizing the houses people were building. Tearing things up as they were being built. He feels pretty guilty about it now though. No word if he was ever actually caught in the act.

Facing Your Fears…
We all have things that scare us. Things that we fear. For some it’s darkness, for Channing Tatum it is porcelain dolls that might murder you in your sleep! I’m with you on this one big guy. Carly placed two boxes under his chair and made him open one. Each containing something he feared. Well played, Carly.

still_carly_channing_austism3I’m in Love With a Stripper…
The cherry on top may have been the most uncomfortable questions of all. Carly brought up Chan-Tat’s stripper days and asked how many time he brought home ladies from the club at the end of the night.

“Some nights, was more than others…[laughter]”

still_carly_channing_austism4So there you have it. Carly pulled a seriously impressive guest on her first episode and I must say it was very entertaining. It just goes to show how technology can bring us all closer together. Looking forward to many more eps in the future. You can make sure you tune into the whole ‘Speechless’ web series by following Carly HERE.

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