AMC & BBC’s ‘The Little Drummer Girl’ Mini-Series Adaptation Gets A Trailer

drummer girl
Image Courtesy of BBC One/AMC

Here’s a potent combination that’s sure to tick the boxes of almost anyone everywhere. Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgård, John Le Carre, Florence Pugh, Park Chan-wook and questionable facial hair. Put them into a blender and you get The Little Drummer Girl. Take a gander at this trailer.

That does look stylish as all get out. This being based on a John le Carre novel, there are going to be all kinds of twists and turns. Even if it may seem dry in the process. At the very least we know it won’t likely be boring. Chan-wook seems to be bringing his style ever so slightly into this frame and it will be a wonder to see what he does with the material.

Now, some may be confused by the BBC One branding all over that “first look”, but rest assured it’s a dual production here. After the success of The Night Manager, BBC and AMC  wanted to be in cahoots from the start. American audiences will be able to catch the first 2 hour episode of The Little Drummer Girl on November 19th. Then, on the following two nights, the remaining two episodes (also 2 hours each) will be played. This doesn’t look like something anyone will want to miss.

What do you all think? Are you a fan of le Carre’s stories or their cinematic nature? Does a mustachioed Michael Shannon mean you need to see this as soon as possible? Do these short 6 hour mini-series feel like the next big logical step when it comes to the TV renaissance we’re witnessing? Are you setting your dvrs to record The Little Drummer Girl? Let us know in the comments below and puzzle over this poster that was also released for the event.

drummer girl
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