Alexander Skarsgård Plans To Fight Some Monsters In ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’

Godzilla vs. Kong
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

What a time to be a fan of monster movies. Specially when it comes to the titans of the genre. Though we may be 7 months away from the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, today’s news has us looking past it and instead to Godzilla vs. Kong. Trusty Deadline has the scoop Alexander Skarsgård will be looking to take on titular creatures. Just hopefully not mano-a-mano. That won’t end well for anyone.

Skarsgård is the latest addition to an ever expanding cast that already includes Demian Bichir, Julian Dennison and Brian Tyree Henry. We’d also imagine whoever survives King of the Monsters will also show up too. Grabbing Skarsgård  is a smart move by Warner Bros. He constantly seems on the cusp becoming a massive movie star. Not that he isn’t nearly there, just that TV success doesn’t always equate to Box Office returns. They learned that when attempting to push him in Legend of Tarzan. He does come equipped for the film, after being both in that aforementioned film and fighting beasts of another sort on True Blood.

Anticipation for Godzilla vs. Kong has been ramping up for the past couple of years. Everyone likes a good throwdown and seeing as how this picture has a “vs” in the title, instead of a “v”, that should assuage some fears. Also helping matters is having Adam Wingard at the helm. Though having You’re Next and The Guest under his belt may make him seem like a weird choice, he fits Warner’s mold of choosing out side the box young director’s with these films.

While info as to the actual plot of Godzilla vs. Kong is scant, it stands to reason we’ll learn more after the next entry hits theaters in May. Most likely it’ll follow Skull Island and every other film franchise’s lead with some kind of post credit sequence. Until then we’ll just convince ourselves that Skarsgård is going to show up with Mecha-Godzilla. There’s no reason to think otherwise, at the moment. Godzilla vs Kong rumbles into theaters May 22nd, 2020.

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