Disney Makes A Wise Move And Taps Taika Waititi To Direct & Co-Write A New ‘Star Wars’ Film

Image Courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm

You’d think a Monday morning at this point, wouldn’t have any big news. Just a fine relaxing day to do and think about nothing. Well, today’s not any Monday, it’s May The 4th (or Star Wars Day). So, it makes sense that there would be some big Star Wars news to drop. We now direct you to this Tweet, bring some excitement to brighten your day.


The idea of Taika Waititi directing a Star Wars movie is insane. First, because he’s a wonderfully vivid and creative director, who’s shown he can easily tackle a big budget production. He’s also shows he’s capable of making smaller art house type films, that pick up award nominations. A potent duo. Secondly, it’s crazy that Waititi wants to overfill his plate even more. While he’s on hold for Thor: Love And Thunder, due to Covid-19, there’s a few other movies he’s signed onto make. The Akira feature got shuttered, months ago, partially due to that frantic schedule. Seeing as how both Star Wars and Marvel are under the same banner, they’ll work something out with him.

In the same announcement we found out Waititi will be handling duties. One Academy Award nominee (in this case, winner, in Waititi for JoJo Rabbit) on board is good, two is even better. Co-writing the script will be Krysty Wilson-Cairns, coming off a big showing with 1917. If that’s not convincing enough, her direct follow up was co-writing Last Night In Soho, alongside Edgar Wright. With that kind of pedigree (she also did some writing on Penny Dreadful), big things are expected. Although, it’s safe to argue, if your project sports the name “Star Wars” that’s more than a little expected. It’s not like any of those films is contentious, at all. Not. At. All.

Sadly, outside the general news that this is taking place, there’s nothing. With productions shut across the board for the near future, we’re likely not going to hear a peep, for a bit. The thing that is encouraging, is that Waititi recently dipped his toes into the Star Wars universe. For those who may have forgotten (the beginning of the year seems so long ago), he was involved with The Mandalorian for Disney+. In front of the camera, he voiced IG-11, in several episodes. Behind the camera, he directed Chapter 8: Redemption. Clearly studio execs liked what he brought to the show, so snatching him up was a no-brainer. Thankfully, this is a case where the fan base should, for once, agree.

Once there’s any info at all on the project, we’ll update you accordingly. Until then, feel free to speculate wildly on what this film is about. Will it deal with characters never seen before? What are the chances it’s a spy-adventure film, centering on Watto? Maybe it’s a dark and gritty look at addiction and perseverance, through the eyes of Jek Porkins. Who knows, it could be a small scale no nothing of a delightful film. The fact is, Taika Waititi is making a Star Wars film. That’s cause for celebration.

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