(Updated) A ‘Breaking Bad’ Film Is In The Works & Could Be Out Sooner Than You’d Expect

Breaking Bad
Image Courtesy of AMC

In the same week that saw the announcement of 3 The Walking Dead movies, it looks like AMC isn’t done just yet. Variety ran a story yesterday confirming that indeed, the mega hit show Breaking Bad is getting a feature length film made. Even crazier? Word is it starts production in mid-November.

So how exactly did something of this magnitude slip under people’s noses? Thank a small outlet sniffing around for a scoop, at exactly the right time. The Albuquerque Journal published a piece speculating that a film, set up to film in Duke City, under the title “Greenbrier” was indeed a cover for a Breaking Bad film. It came to their attention when the New Mexico Film Office announced the film would be made with Sony Studios. Sony Television being the makers behind the uber-popular show, which aired on AMC. After some prodding by Variety, a confirmation was given.

As this was a project that the studio had hoped to keep well under wraps, details are almost nonexistent. The only logline that exists says it “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” Speculation is likely to run wild as to what that means. The same goes for those wondering what characters could pop up from the series, or even its spin off Better Call Saul. In the hands of creator Vince Gilligan though, anything is possible. And most fans will go along with whatever ride he decides to take them on.

The biggest point in all this, is there isn’t an indication as to if this will be released theatrically. Yet, the inclusion of Sony here may tip the fedora (sorry). Back in July Gilligan signed a 3 year deal with Sony Pictures Television. It then stands to reason, that whatever comes of the Breaking Bad movie, would end up airing on AMC. Just like with The Walking Dead movies mentioned above. Since the production is slated to run until early Feburary, it could land before the end of 2019. If any more pertinent news comes to light, we’ll make sure to update this right away.

Update 6:45pm: Wouldn’t you know it. Some more digging was done and sure enough, we’ve got some more confirmed details about the film, courtesy of Slashfilm:

“/Film has learned that the newly announced Breaking Bad movie will be a sequel set after the events of the series finale, following Jesse as he blazes a trail away from that horrifying finale.”

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