8 Shows Netflix Needs to Bring Back

#6. Hannibal (NBC)


Who doesn’t love Dr Hannibal Lector? This show was beautifully done with ties to literature, art and music.The imagery was dark yet beautiful and the story line was tense. Watching Hannibal make dinner almost every episode made you hungry yet disgusted.

Like all good things though, this show was cancelled after season 3 and left viewers wanting more.

#5. Deadwood (HBO)

Deadwood 1080p Bluray

As an HBO junkie, I have to say that the more time goes on the more I realize that sometimes HBO likes to create great shows and then just rip the rug right out form underneath their viewers and cancel the show. That would be the case for Deadwood.

The cast, setting and story are all something to be desired and just like all great shows that meet an early demise, this one gets canned right went things really starting getting good.

Netflix please bring this one back.

Do it for the children.


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