8 Shows Netflix Needs to Bring Back

#8. Party Down (Starz)

19478Cancelled in 2010 after 2 seasons, this show left it’s fans wanting more! Not only was this show hilarious but is has an entire cast of familiar faces before they went on to bigger things. It’s always great to see actors you love go on to do great things, but it also means that they tend to get to busy for other projects which was the case for Party Down. There has been talks about a movie in the future. We can only hope!

#7. The Riches (FX)

the_richesThe Riches, staring Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard was strange and satisfying. That is until the writers strike caused the show to end abruptly in 2008 midway through season 2. It’s one thing to end a show after season but to just leave viewers midway through a season without any wrap up just isn’t right.


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