Nacho Vigalondo Is Directing The Spanish-Language Superhero Series ‘El Vecino’ For Netflix

Image Courtesy of Astiberri

Netflix announces so many new projects daily, that sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Which is how we missing the release from Wednesday, concerning an upcoming slate of Spanish language originals the streaming giant is working on. One project in particular stood out from the rest, capturing our attention. According to Deadline, it looks like Nacho Vigalondo (Colossal) is bringing his unique stamp to the world of superhero comedies. Specifically, he’ll be adapting the comic El Vecino (The Neighbor), written by Santiago Garcia and Pepo Perez.

For those unfamiliar with the series of graphic novels (understandable as it hasn’t been translated into English yet), here’s the synopsis:

“Javier’s life is not going well. The last thing he needs is for an alien to land on him and transfer its powers before dying. Now Javier is a superhero, but it turns out super powers are useless when you get fired from your job or your girlfriend decides she wants to take a break. Fortunately, Javier’s friend and neighbor José will teach him to use his powers for good and hide his secret identity, especially from his girlfriend who’s now investigating Titan, the mysterious superhero.”

In your average everyday pair of hands this would just be interesting. Yet, Nacho Vigalondo is anything but average. He’s a visual artist who takes things that seem simple and makes them complex, weird and wonderful. Often pushing back upon genre staples and ideas, to bring about something unique. Time Crimes is one of the best and concise time travel stories in a long time. Colossal is able to mix kaiju monsters, self-destructive tendencies and toxic masculinity into a potent cinematic cocktail. Extraterrestrial took the backdrop of an alien invasion to look at a small relationship dynamic of basic strangers, commenting on the divide between people and communication. The jump to superheroes was inevitable and makes complete sense.

The article says the shows are in “various stages of development”, so there’s indication when it will be release. Or if the release will be worldwide immediately. Once more concerning El Vecino becomes available, we’ll update you right away. Hopefully we get a look at the show’s hero, sooner rather than later. Though, with Vigalondo at the helm, we’re more than willing to be patient.

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