Netflix and Chill EP 9: Finders Creepers

The weekend is upon us and so is Netflix and Chill. Looking for something to watch with your bae or maybe something to veg out to in your sweatpants? Well look no further than the Netflix and Chill podcast.

We cross the streams this week and talk about Hulu’s 11:22:63 and The Path. Join our cult and help stop a presidential assassination! Then we jump into a bonkers documentary about a man who lost his leg and the man who found it. A tug of war match with fame begins between John Wood and Shannon Whisnant in Finders Keepers. We bring it home the Duplass Brother’s Manson Family Vacation. Jay Duplass and his Charlie Manson crazed brother as travel to Manson murder sites while building their brotherly bond. All this and nothing else on Netflix and Chill Episode 9!



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