Netflix and Chill EP 11: House Arrest

The weekend is upon us and so is Netflix and Chill. Looking for something to watch with your bae or maybe something to veg out to in your sweatpants? Well look no further than the Netflix and Chill podcast.

Last week we held our first ever live Facebook podcast and we let the viewers pick our Netflix recommendations. It was the first and possible the last time we allow that to happen. Ha! Mainly because we had to watch a real stinker! #Horror may be one of the worst films we have reviewed on the podcast so far – listen along and find out why. Next up was the horror comedy flick from New Zealand titled ‘Housebound.’ Thankfully this totally saved our week.

One features house arrest in the movie and the other makes you feel like you are on house arrest trapped in your house stuck watching a crappy movie. Find out our thoughts on both of these films and some lifestyle choices on Netflix and Chill episode 11!



Check out the pick for next weeks podcast and discuss them on our Facebook page.
We want to hear your thoughts on the films.

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