Forever BOO!GUS Halloween Podcast – Listeners Episode!

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Welcome Ghost and Ghouls to another installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we have Halloween nostalgia on tap.”

On this frightening BOO!GUS cast episode, Bogus and his guest, Jayme, run down the list of Halloween responses they received from their listeners. Bogus wanted to hear from his you and in doing so he released a Halloween related questionnaire on Instagram and received some very interesting answers.

First, the Bogus crew talk about the Mid-October Halloween hump and their push to stay in spirit. Then they jump right into those sweet, sweet listener answers along with some fun rants and stories of the past.

A depressed Dracula, a demanding baby trick or treater, a Marc Summer’s Halloween special, and so much more! Let’s get into that Halloween spirit!

Hosted by:
Bryce Shoemaker [Forever Bogus]

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Jayme Kilsby [Brainexploder]

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On the Next Episode:

10/31/18 – Disney Channel Original Halloween Movies! with Jayme Kilsby
11/7/18 – Halloween Hangover with Jayme Kilsby

Every Forever Bogus Podcast episode was written, edited, and produced by Bryce Shoemaker.

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