Forever Bogus Podcast: Dog Days of Summer

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Welcome back to another installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we’ve got nostalgia on tap.”

On this surprise midsummer episode of the Bogus Cast, Bryce and Jayme countdown six famous dogs from pop culture during from childhood. It’s the dog days of summer and the Bogus boys thought it would be a perfect time to surprise us with this special topic. First, they discuss their love-hate relationship with the summer heat. Then they jump right into their countdown of famous pop culture dogs from their youth. They include fun trivia, history, personal stories, and their own opinion on each K-9 friend they pick. Soon after they wrap up the show with a little honorable mention list and a sneak preview for the upcoming season of the Bogus Cast.

A battery acid urinating dog, a teenager trapped in a dogs body, a beer-drinking K-9, and so much more awaits us on this midsummer episode of the Bogus cast.


Every Forever Bogus Podcast episode was written, edited, and produced by Bryce Shoemaker.

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