10 Great Music Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Right Now


If you are looking for inspiring documentaries on some of history’s greatest musicians and musical accomplishments look no further! Netflix has 10 great music docs streaming right now! Not only are they about music, but they are filled with social commentary of the times, science, comedy and history. There is something here for everyone to enjoy.

We are Twisted F***ing Sister

Before achieving mainstream success in the 1980’s, glam rock icons Twister Sister spent years crafting their outrageous act in the New York club scene.

I always thought Twisted Sister was kind of a joke. To be honest I only knew one song and only knew Dee Snider from VH1 shows. I was inspired after watching this documentary to see how much they overcame to finally make it big! It’s a tale of some serious hard work finally paying off! Even if you don’t know much about the band it’s a good watch!

Ain’t In it For My Health: A film about Levon Helm

This third eye-opening documentary examines what happened after Levon Helm’s The Band dissolved, and the demons that haunted Helm until his solo comeback.


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