Nintendo Switch is Coming: Our Top Ten Nintendo Systems of All-Time


Well it’s the dawn of a new Nintendo system and this Friday March 3rd 2017 we will finally be able to get our hands on the all new Nintendo Switch.  We couldn’t be more excited. The hybrid system is looking amazing and extremely fun with a decent line up of launch titles like Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild. Need we say more? However Nintendo is no stranger to great game
video system’s – so here is our picks for the top 10 Nintendo systems of all time.

Wii U

Probably the most underrated system in Nintendo history due to its name alone. The average consumer didn’t know it was a new system and just assumed it was a $250.00 add on to the Nintendo Wii. Little did they know the Wii U was a great stand alone system with amazing HD graphics an innovative gamepad controller that allowed gamers to play off the TV screen and straight on the gamepad itself. It also featured fun first party Nintendo titles that are some of the best in franchise history. Sadly the Wii U saw poor sales due to its lack of third party support, missing leading names and a online system that was behind its competitors. However with all that said the system was a fun new way to play our Nintendo games and should not be overlooked.


It’s no surprise that Nintendo is top dogs when it comes to the handheld game community. In a world full of tablets and mobile smart phones Nintendo’s handhelds still sell like hot cakes. We are sure you have one in your home right now. One of the most successful handhelds is the DS. A portable system with duel screens one being a touch screen, wifi support for online gaming and some of the best portable games ever it’s no wonder the handheld is still played to this day.


Known as project dolphin during its development process the GameCube was Nintendo’s first leap into the disc game era. However Nintendo opted out of the basic disc size and decided to go with a mini disc to make costs cheaper but in a world of game systems that had DVD support gamers didn’t sees need for a GameCube when they could get a gaming system & DVD player in one with he PS2 or Xbox. That didn’t slow Nintendo down though with great games a controller that is still replicated today for current systems gamers everywhere have a love for the cube.


Next to the Game & Watch series this was Nintendo’s first true portable console with interchangeable games and a great battery life. Oh yeah, Tetris as a pack in game was pretty nifty as well.  Causal gamers jumped in on the new gaming trend as well. It was a massive hit for the company and continues to be a fan favorite.


Take everything that was awesome about the DS and add glasses free 3D and you have the 3DS. Nintendo’s most current handheld. The system didn’t only deliver gaming on the go in 3D – it also had polished graphics, a great online store that supports Nintendo’s virtual console allowing gamers to play games of the past on the go and games that TONS of games if you don’t own 3DS you don’t know what you are missing.


One thing about Nintendo is they have always tried to stay one step ahead of its competitors. During the dawn of 3 dimensional games the N64 did that and more by creating great 3D games that felt smooth due to its new controller design that incorporated a analog stick which was mind blowing to gamers. At first glance the controller looked odd and had people scratching their heads. But after sitting down and popping in Super Mario 64 it soon became the most ideal way to play video games and is still a staple to this day.


This was a Gameboy on steroids. That’s what Gameboy Advance gave to gamers. 32 bit graphics in the palm of there hands. A game catalog that was mind blowing as well as backwards compatibility allowing you to play Gameboy & Gameboy Color games stretching its library out even farther. The GBA is one of the best handhelds period that still holds up today. You can snag one now for around 30-40 bucks used. It’s definitely a better bang for your buck!



Everyone and their grandmother is playing it! We aren’t exaggerating! Nintendo Wii was a new innovative way to game using monition controls. During the first year of the Wii’s launch you couldn’t find one anywhere. As soon as they hit the shelves, they were gone. Everybody wanted a Wii mainly because of its pack in game, Wii Sports. It was a fantastic tech game that really showed off what motion gaming was all about.


Arguably the best Nintendo system ever. The Super NES was the superior way to play video games in the early 90’s. With 16 bit graphics a beefed up controller and a game line up that is still being played to this day it’s no wonder why the SNES was top dog during all this time. In fact it wouldn’t even be until The PlayStation made its debut on the scene until the SNES started to see a decline in popularity. We owe a lot to the Super Nintendo its almost the reason we are still here today talking about Nintendo if it just wasn’t for one more system.


We as gamers owe it all to this system right here if it wasn’t for the NES video games may very well have died. After the video game industry crash of 1983 it seemed like home consoles were going to be a thing of the past until Nintendo resurrected it with the US release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. We can kinda thank one little plummer named Mario for that. If it wasn’t for Nintendo & great games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metriod and Donkey Kong we wouldn’t be here highly anticipating what Nintendo had I store for us next all these years later and that says something. So that’s why the NES will forever be number 1 in our book thank you Nintendo thank you!


  1. Nintendo entertainment System
  2. Super Nintendo
  3. Wii
  4. Gameboy Advance SP
  5. Nintendo 64
  6. Nintendo 3DS
  7. Gameboy
  8. GameCube
  9. Nintendo DS
  10. Wii U
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