A Major Marvel Character Has Been Killed

Marvel Comics

Things are getting out of hand in the Marvel Universe, as the Civil War II saga continues.

Ulysses, a newly identified Inhuman, has surfaced with the power to see visions of the future. This newfound asset has lead several heroes to take full advantage in the hopes of stopping threats before they happen.


When War Machine was killed after a group of heroes preemptively decided to take on Thanos, needless to say, Tony Stark didn’t take it lightly.

Stark proceeded to kidnap Ulysses in order to learn how his powers actually worked. Stark’s mindset is that the future is meant to happen, and things aren’t meant to be changed. When the Inhumans (aided by other heroes) arrive to free Ulysses, another vision occurs, this time with the Hulk going on a chaotic & murderous rampage.

This raises the question: Should the heroes protect the future, or change what’s to come if given the opportunity? The results, as you are about to read, are disastrous.

Warning: Spoilers for Civil War II  issue #3 can be found on the next page.


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