Our Most Anticipated Games of 2017

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard 1/24

Right out the gate we have what we all hope to be the Resident Evil that will bring the game back to its true horror roots. Though we have been promised this before (yes I’m talking to you RE:6) after seeing and playing the demo this seems to be one of the scariest Resident Evil games ever. Oh and did we mention VR support for the PS4 looks like we are going to need plenty of clean undies on hand!

Horizon Zero Dawn 2/28

This gorgeous open world PS4 exclusive is probably one of if not the most hyped game for the system this year. I mean giant mechanical animals!? Enough said!

Nintendo Switch

The console that could either be Nintendo’s saving grace or the nail in the coffin for the company. Let’s just hope they don’t use the same strategy they used for the NES classic & Wii launch releasing the console in VERY limited quantities or we all are doomed in even having a chance at finding one at retail prices. Ha who am I kidding we all know the answer to that one!

Injustice 2 2017

Netherrealm Studios sequel the the 2013 hit makes its Xbox One, PC & PS4 debuts this May, and after what we got from MKX we can’t wait to see what this beautiful DCU fighter has in store.

Cup head 2017

What was suppose to already be in our hands had been pushed back to into 2017. Delays can be a great thing right. None the less playing as a Cup protagonist set in a 50’s style cartoon has us all pumped.

God of War 12/26

And you thought Kratos was done bwhahaha silly mortal! This year we will see Kratos on the PS4 along with his epic beard giving hunting lessons to some random boy all while kicking ass God of War style.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2017

We are all hoping this will be a Nintendo Switch launch title so we all can finally get our hands on what is without a doubt one of the most anticipated Zelda games since Ocarina of Time. This game has seen delay after delay and was suppose to release this past winter for the Wii U but delayed again for the switch…..come on Nintendo give us Zelda already.

Spider-Man 12/26

Little is known about this game except for it looks amazing and is supposed to have That Arkham City game play if so take my money please!


Red Dead Redemption 2 2017

We have been asking Rockstar ever since GTA V got a XBox One & PS4 release will we see a Red Dead Redemption remastered for the systems? Instead what we got was a beautiful trailer to what will be a sequel to the best western game of all time! Mind blown – finally a game to get all those kids away from carjacking and back on the saddle again!

Friday the 13th 2017

This game got teased on Friday the 13th back in 2015 and after watching its development we all have our camping gear packed and ready to go back to Crystal Lake. Play as one of 5 camp counselors and try to survive the night or play as Jason Voorhees himself and go on a killing spree. With F13 creator Sean Cunningham at the helm as well as Kane Hodder once again playing the man behind the mask this is shaping up to be a hit that will fulfill 80’s Slasher fans expectations.

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