The 9 Greatest Supervillains in the DC & Marvel Cinematic Universes

3 Danny DeVito, The Penguin (Batman Returns, 1992)

Batman_Returns_Danny_Devito_penguinsOswald Cobblepot grows up to become a grotesque crime boss after his parents throw the deformed child into the Gotham River and is raised by a flock of penguins. He teams up with business tycoon Max Shreck (Christopher Walken) to take over the city and employs a variety of dark, twisted methods to do it, including murder.

2 Ian McKellan, Magneto (X-Men films, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2014)

ban-02The overall role Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto plays as evil to Professor Xavier’s (Patrick Stewart) good is what makes him a great screen supervillain. The two were once friends until Erik came to believe that humans and mutants could never co-exist.  Taking his belief to radical extremes, Magneto manipulates metal and uses sophisticated knowledge of genetics to wreak havoc.


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