8 Bat-Facts About the Actors Who Have Played The Dark Knight

DC / Warner Brothers

The Dark Knight of the big screen has changed considerably over the years. From Lewis Wilson (who?!?) to Ben Affleck, not only has Batman’s appearance become more modern, but also the actors who played him and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne.  Take a trip down memory lane and observe the evolution of the bat…


Lewis Wilson, Batman (1943)

ban-02Bat fact: Wilson is the father of Michael G. Wilson, producer and screenwriter best known for his involvement in the James Bond series beginning with Moonraker in 1979.

Robert Larkin Hanks, Batman & Robin (1949)

Batman-and-Robin-1949Bat fact: Hanks was born in Kansas City, Missouri, where he grew up on… wait for it… “Wayne” Avenue.


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