Check Out Will Smith Performing “Prince Ali”, From Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Remake

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

A third piece of Disney related news, in one day? We hear you, but we can honestly say this wasn’t planned. Just a random roll of the dice. Plus, this clip we’ve got is from Aladdin, and who isn’t curious to see how this turns out? Up till now there hasn’t been a ton revealed about this remake. On one hand that seems to be Disney’s m.o. on these films. Just snippets to get people excited. A clip of “Prince Ali” from the movie fits that bill perfectly. Ok, enough fanfare, here’s Will Smith, doing his thing.

Now, when Will Smith was originally announced as taking on the role held by Robin Williams, in the animated classic, there was some skepticism. Then, they got a glimpse of him in blue make-up. The response was, well, less than favorable. Yet this is a musical. Aimed at kids, so singing and dancing ultimately trumps all. To which we can say that he is certainly doing these two things. How good he is here? That’s something we’ll leave up to you. To be fair, it’s exactly what should be expected from a live-action remake of Aladdin, directed by Guy Ritchie. Things could be far worse. For now, spirits remain cautiously optimistic.

Disney invites you to enter a (relatively) whole new world, when Aladdin soars into theaters, on May 24.

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