The Walking Dead Shake-up: Lauren Cohan Teases Maggie’s Return

The Walking Dead
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Spoiler content ahead. Turn back now if you have not caught up on the most recent episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

It’s seemed like an eternity since fans have seen Lauren Cohan‘s Maggie on AMC’s The Walking Dead and a lot has changed since the start of her hiatus; characters have died, the new big “baddies” The Whisperers have been introduced, and the show has taken on an even more dark and sinister tone.

Speaking with Busy Tonight, Cohan has confirmed that she indeed feels that Maggie’s character still has a lot of story to tell as she believes, “but I’m not done. I’m not done.”

As the first portion of Season 9 wrapped shortly before Christmas, new showrunner Angela Kang and Chief Content Office Scott Gimple released information regarding the future of the show stating, “But it isn’t the end of Maggie’s story. We love Lauren Cohan and hope to have her back on the big program and/or beyond, and we have built a story to service that.”

While it has been known that Andrew Lincoln‘s character Rick Grimes will be receiving a 3-part movie spin-off treatment, does the statement elude to that not only could Maggie return to the main show but also have a similar offshoot in the works?

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