Glenn Danzig’s Completely Bewildering ‘Verotika’, Has A Tentative Release Date

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There’s a good chance if you’re someone who reads everything movie related, you’ve heard about Glenn Danzig’s Verotika. If you read this site regularly, you may have caught our review of it, too. One thing’s for certain: it’s already achieved cult status. Even though a relatively small number of people have seen it. The world premiere last week at Cinepocalypse, is the stuff of legend, with a film that’s gained many comparisons to The Room. Naturally, that would cause a bit of a furvor in the film community. With throngs of the general public wanting this before their eyeballs. Good news then, as Deadline has some release information, that might send you into a tizzy.

First, a bit of background.  I was lucky enough to be in attendance to the premiere, as well as the mind-melting Q&A that followed. I bring this up, only because a bit of the information contained in the story above, was revealed by Danzig himself. He laid out the bit that Deadline covers, that there are planned “one night only” Fathom Events screening planned sometime in the next several weeks. A DVD and Blu-ray release is also set, before the year is done. The biggest news, comes in the form of Verotika hitting VOD right in time for Halloween. The perfect excuse to gather round a group of friends and numerous alcoholic drinks, to witness one of the most insane (and terrible) movies, ever seen.

Of course, should you want to experience all this in the comfort of a theater, with the best crowd possible, that’s an option too. The Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles, will be hosting the West Coast premiere, next week on June 25th. There’s been hints it could pop up at another festival or two, before that Halloween spot. Once there’s more information, we’ll update you. Until then, lose yourself in this poster for Verotika, and be sure to check out our review, from the premiere.

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