Moments That Shaped the ‘Alien’ Franchise

2.) Ripley: Face to ummm… Face?


Quite possibly the single most tense moment in all of Alien3, audiences were treated to a moment of absolute fright on Sigourney Weaver‘s face when this xenomorph got up close and personal.

 1.) Behind You Newt!

tumblr_mjgtan4byz1qjutm4o1_500Feel free to take my man card now because I freely admit, the first time I saw this I was at the edge of my seat. Not only was Aliens a darkly claustrophobic film that ratcheted the suspense ten-fold, it contained this absolutely terrifying scene.

So how did we do? Are you mad we didn’t include pieces of Prometheus? Disheartened that Charles S. Dutton didn’t make the cut? Sound off in the comments and let us know your favorite moments!

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