Moments That Shaped the ‘Alien’ Franchise

4.) “Game over man!” Bill Paxton’s manic fear in Aliens

Easily one of the most uniquely quotable lines in all of movie history, Bill Paxton not only gave us the lovable Private Hudson but lent a humanity to a seemingly disposable character. While watching the film, onlookers almost forget he’s playing a character because he is just so dang believable. His portrayal still ranks among our movie favorites 36 years after the film’s release.



A reveal that will live in movie infamy! The original entry into the franchise, Alien, is arguably more a sci-fi thriller than sci-fi horror film… until we see the xenomorph for the first time. The crew and audience all thought Kane – played by national treasure John Hurt – had just eaten some bad space dumplings. Little did we all know the Alien would open his chest cavity like a humanoid pistachio shell. The rest, as they say, is movie history!


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