Moments That Shaped the ‘Alien’ Franchise

In early 2015, the internet was set ablaze when District 9 director Neill Blomkamp posted images on his Instragram of what many concluded could only be the long-conjectured Alien 5 movie. Unfortunately his vision never came to fruition. At least, not yet.

To tide you over, we here at BoomHowdy have compiled our favorite moments from the Alien universe for your “guilty” viewing pleasure!

6.) AVP & AVP: Requiem

I know, I know. These movies weren’t very good. BUT, they did manage to mash together two of the biggest and best icons in sci-fi horror and give us somewhat serviceable movies. All right, ONE serviceable film and one often-too-dimly lit, ill-thought out sequel.

5.) Ron Perlman in Alien: Resurrection


One of the lone bright spots in Alien: Resurrection – heck in ANY movie for that matter – is the inclusion of Ron Perlman. As the hulking, snarky, Johner amidst a crew of mercenaries, he added not only very much needed comic relief but a level of steadfast intensity in a movie that has widely been panned by fans and critics alike.


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