Josh Gad Set To Star In ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ Reboot ‘Shrunk’ For Disney

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

If there’s one type of film that rankles people more than any other, it’s ones that start with “re”. Reboot, remake, re-imagining, re-conceptualization, regurgitation. Any way you slice it, the average film-goer reads it as “another excuse to make money”. That’s not to say they’re all bad, some of them end up quite good. Just that, instead trying something new, a studio wants to re-heat what worked before. Which is why today’s new that Honey I Shrunk the Kids is getting a reboot, is a bit of a surprise. Almost a welcome one, at that. The slight bit of optimism, comes from the fact that Shrunk (as it is currently titled) will feature Josh Gad as the absent minded inventor, this go around.

/Film has the exclusive scoop on the pic, stating it’ll be a legacy sequel, in addition to a reboot. The main story will focus Wayne Szalinski’s (Rick Moranis) son, Nick (played by Gad), following his father’s footsteps. Namely, that he’ll create a device that shrinks his family and inevitable hijinks ensue. To be honest, it sounds exactly like the type of story that would be found in a Disney “direct-to-video” sequel, that was so popular from the studio, throughout the 90’s. For those blessed with short memories, you’ll be forgiven in thinking this is the first proper sequel to the 1989 hit. In fact, not only were there 2 sequels (one was DTV), but a TV show, too. In that regard, diving back in for a younger generation, maybe just the shot in the arm the franchise needs.

With talk of a “re-quel” there’s sure to be some who wonder if Moranis is up for a cameo. The actor famously took a hiatus (often wrongly cited as “retired”) from acting in-front of the camera, in 1997, to focus on being a single father. Becoming more selective in role choices, Moranis has done some voice-over work, in the intervening years. Most recently he did so for a Dark Helmet cameo, on a Spaceballs centered episode of The Goldbergs, on ABC. So, there’s always the chance he could pop-up, albeit in the form of a phone call or archival footage. More than likely though, there will just be a photo of papa Szalinski on Gad’s desk, referencing the character.

Not much else is know surrounding Shrunk, at this time. Not even a director’s been set. Although, in their article, /Film does cite that a director with a reverence to the franchise is being sought. That could mean anything. Given the lineage of people who helmed* previous entries, don’t be surprised if the name is familiar. Given Gad’s star power and the original celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, more news is probably coming soon. Once we know something further, we’ll update you right away.




*Seriously. Joe Johnston (Captain America), Randal Kleiser (Grease) and Dean Cundey (Apollo 13 & Halloween cinematographer) directed the original trilogy. The story for the first film was written by Stuart Gordon and Brian Yunza of Re-Animator fame. There’s a bit of bar trivia for you.

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