Jonathan Nolan Calls Westworld’s 2nd Season “Ambitious” With Higher Stakes


HBO’s Westworld was a great success last year, and fans of the series are eager for a return.  While it’s still uncertain when that will happen, we’ve now learned a little more about what’s to expect for Season 2.  In a recent interview with Variety, creator and writer Jonathan Nolan described Season 2 as being “an ambitious season,” with bigger stakes and more drama.

We always knew that we wanted the stakes and the scope to increase dramatically and that means the scale of production increases as well,” he stated (via GamesRadar). “We have an amazingly talented group of writers, directors, and crew coming back and gearing up for what I think and what I hope will prove to be a season twice as ambitious as the first one.

Check out the full interview here at Variety.

Westworld was HBO’s most-watched series ever for its premier season, even surpassing Game of Thrones. Season 2 is slated to premiere this year or possibly next.

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