Rings Isn’t Necessarily Bad: 9 Reasons Movie Release Dates Change

Movie release dates change all the time; however, not usually as frequently as they have for Rings, the third film in the Ring series.  The movie was originally set to be released last year (2015) on November 13, then the date moved to April 1 of this year, then to October 28.  Now, the date has been moved to February 3, 2017.

With Paramount also shifting the release of the next chapter in its long-running Friday the 13th series from January 13, 2017 to October 13, it wouldn’t be inappropriate to ask what’s happening with our horror franchises?!?  With the studio declining to comment, speculation runs wild.

Here are a few legitimate reasons for the game of “musical release dates” with any movie, in general, not just these two highly anticipated horror projects.  Some spell disaster for the movies, some spell hope…

9.) Unfinished Product

This is definitely the case with Friday the 13th, as neither a director nor cast has been announced.  (In fact, we wonder if it will even make next year’s October release date!)  But Rings will have been sitting on the shelf for 15 months when it is finally released.  Even though that’s suspicious, it still doesn’t necessarily bode poorly for it.  (Yeah, it probably does.)

8.) Troubled Studio

According to Box Office Mojo, Paramount is ranked sixth in overall box office grosses for 2016.  It’s at the bottom of the pile for the major Hollywood studios with only 7.2% market share.  (The leader, Buena Vista, has 25.2%.)  It’s highest grossing movie was Star Trek Beyond which is considered a disappointment at $158 million.  Maybe the studio can’t afford to release Rings.


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