8 DC Villains that Deserve a Shot at Batfleck

DC Comics

2. Clayface

batvill_07Take your pick from one of the renditions of Clayface (there have been many).  With the ability to transform both shape and size, as well as limited vulnerabilities, He would no doubt be a fierce adversary for the new Dark Knight.  Imagine him finding his way into the Wayne residence and the post-credits scene (we all want one dammit) is Alfred’s look of pure disdain at the muddy mess he has to clean up.

1. Red Hood

batvill_08By far our favorite pick and the one most likely to see the dark of knight (see what we did there?).  The Under the Hood storyline would be a perfect addition to the upcoming Batman installment.  It’s basically impossible to describe the character without spoilers,  just know that a batcave scene in Batman v Superman is quite possibly foreshadowing for the upcoming appearance of one of Batman’s most dynamic adversaries.  The cosplay force is strong with this one folks.

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