8 DC Villains that Deserve a Shot at Batfleck

DC Comics

4. Solomon Grundy

solomon_grundy“Solomon Grundy,

  Born on a Monday,

Christened on Tuesday,

Married on Wednesday,

Took ill on Thursday,

Grew worse on Friday,

Died on Saturday,

Buried on Sunday,

That was the end,

Of Solomon Grundy.”

Except it totally wasn’t,  since ‘ol Sol’s a raging swamp zombie.  Born Cyrus Gold, Grundy was a corrupt man that met his untimely death in Slaughter Swamp.  Since then, his entire existence has been a poetic cycle of death and rebirth.  Anytime Solomon dies, he eventually rises again, emerging from the depths of his final-but-not-really-final resting place in the swamp, to once more wreak havoc on the living.  We’re thinking Gary Busey for this role.

3. Victor Zsasz

batvill_05Victor Zsasz, the unhinged serial killer.  With a knife as his weapon of choice, Victor always carves a tally somewhere on his body to mark a new kill.  Given the dark & brutal nature of this particular villain,  we think he deserves much more than the short cameo he received in the Nolan series.  Artistic liberties should at least be considered with this one.  Maybe he carves a very intricate connect-the-dots picture? A map of Middle-Earth? Point is, the possibilities are endless.


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