7 Burning Questions from the Final Suicide Squad Trailer

DC / Warner Brothers

With only a couple weeks until the release of Suicide Squad, DC’s first movie outing since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the final trailer has dropped and it contains a surprising amount of new footage.  There aren’t necessarily spoilers in this footage, but it does raise several questions for which we’re dying to learn some answers.

7.) To what is Deadshot toasting?

In the opening scene of the trailer, Deadshot (Will Smith) makes a toast, “Here’s to honor among thieves. We almost pulled it off.  Despite what everybody thought.  They’re going to blame us for the whole thing.”  This seems like a sentiment that would be shared toward the end of the movie, but is the movie going to be presented as a flashback?  To what is he referring?

6.) With whom is Amanda Waller sharing her plan?

suicide-squad-trailer-screenshot-4_0Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) tosses a “Top Secret” binder on the table at a restaurant and tells someone, “I want to assemble a task force of the most dangerous people on the planet.” Who is it?  The person’s identity is probably not terribly important, but I am curious to see who has the power to authorize her plan.


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