10 Male Actors That Look Amazing in Drag


The art of drag has been a form of entertainment for decades. Some of these leading men in Hollywood dress in drag for the sake of their craft and oh do they ever pull it off! Some of them pull it off so well it makes us question our own sexuality. John Leguizamo, Jared Leto and Jude Law seem to get me hot and bothered in particular when I see them in drag which makes me seriously question myself. Maybe it’s just a testament to what beautiful men they are or maybe that’s just what I need to tell myself. And let’s not lie to ourselves, we all wanted the nurturing, fun loving Mrs Doubtfire to be our nanny growing up, was there any confusion there? Probably. Here’s a list of some of Hollywood’s finest men that prove that playing a leading male or female role is no problem. Let the questioning of sexuality begin!



Just a little Puerto Rican spice for any Too Wong Foo fans out there. Hands down stole the show from fellow actors Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze. But who cares when you got it you got it (snap, snap, snap) You go on with your bad self boy!



Jude law or Courtney Cox? Who cares when you are this hot. Androgyny is the new black.

ROBIN WILLIAMS (Mrs. Doubtfire)


Everyone’s favorite nanny! What else is there to say?

JARED LETO (Dallas Buyers Club)


Seriously I just can’t! He makes such a beautiful woman it’s hard to ever see him as a man again.

NATHAN LANE (The Birdcage)


Nathan Lane would have been the best grandma ever! Dramatic but with flare.

RuPAUL (To Wong Foo)


The Diva of all divas. Beautiful man and woman. I will be honest RuPaul makes me feel jealous inside.

EDDIE REDMAYNE (The Danish Girl)

Maybe it’s all in the bone structure. But good for you Mr. Redmayne, you flawlessly portrayed Stephen Hawking only to then confuse the shit out of viewers as a beautiful woman in the Danish Girl. Bravo!


Dustin Hoffman pulls of the motherly house wife look flawlessly. Dinner on the table by 5 o’clock.

TIM CURRY (Rocky Horror Picture Show)


No one sells sex quite like Dr. Frank-N-furter. This one has me confused. Tim Curry makes one sexy Drag Queen!

MICHAEL J. FOX (Back to the Future II)


Michael J. Fox has the girl next-door look on lock down! Fierce!

Whatever your preference, it’s undeniable that these men pull off a very convincing woman and I for one applaud that! It just goes to show we don’t know how well one pulls off the opposite gender until it slaps us right in the face with a handbag and a pair of heels. Congrats gentlemen now we all need to be alone and reflect.

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