Two New Bonus Clips From STARZ BLACK SAILS Season Two

With Blackbeard poised to join BLACK SAILS when it returns in January, here’s a chance to find out how real life pirates were the basis of several other characters on the show​ in this new Season Two ​DVD ​bonus feature! Anchor Bay Entertainment will be bringing the thrilling second season of the STARZ Original series to Blu-ray + Digital HD with Ultraviolet and DVD on November 3rd, in a three-disc set containing all 10 episodes and NEW exclusive extras.

The second season release has over an hour of new, exclusive bonus features including expanded commentaries from the cast and creators, and behind-the-scenes featurettes on the stunts and stunning special effects that garnered the series an Emmy® win in 2014 for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects in a Supporting Role.


BLACK SAILS: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON begins where we left off, as the Walrus crew is stranded with an army of Spanish soldiers standing between them and the precious Urca gold. And with their crimes against their brethren no longer a secret, Flint and Silver must join forces in a desperate bid for survival. Meanwhile, Eleanor Guthrie struggles to maintain her grip on Nassau, as a new breed of pirate arrives in the form of Ned Low, a man for whom violence isn’t just a tool … it’s a past time.


As blood is spilled, and tensions mount, Charles Vane must decide which he values more; Eleanor’s life, or the respect of his men. And unbeknownst to all of them, a prize of immeasurable value has already been smuggled onto the island … one whose discovery will alter the very landscape of their world, and force everyone in Nassau toward the ultimate judgment: are they men, or are they monsters?

BLACK SAILS: The Complete Second Season — DVD Bonus Clip “History’s Influence”


BLACK SAILS: The Complete Second Season — DVD Bonus Clip “Man O’ War”

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