7 Creepy Hotels Where You’ll Die to Check-In

There’s still plenty of time to plan your summer vacation, but when it comes time to make arrangements for lodging, steer clear of these classic horror hotels. They do have great stories to tell, though, if you enjoy them from the comfort and safety of your own home.

7. Starlight Hotel – Eaten Alive (1976)


In director Tobe Hooper’s follow-up to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the mentally disturbed proprietor (Neville Brand) of a dilapidated hotel turns his guests into food for his pet crocodile.

Trivia: In one of his early screen roles, Robert Englund plays a frisky customer at the town brothel whose demand for kinky sex sends a naïve prostitute to become the Starlight’s first victim.

6. Pinewood Hotel – Vacancy (2007)


When their car breaks down after David Fox (Luke Wilson) and his on-the-verge-of-divorce wife, Amy (Kate Beckinsale) take a wrong turn on a remote mountain road, they book a room for the night at the Pinewood Hotel where the manager assures them that the screams they hear are coming from the TV.

Trivia: Sarah Jessica Parker was originally cast in Beckinsale’s role.


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