SDCC: Who Will Negan Introduce to Lucille in Season 7?

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“I’m gonna beat the holy hell out of you….eney, minie, miney…moe. Catch a tiger, by his toe. If he hollars let him go. My mama told me to pick the very best one. You. Are. It….”

That’s right…the cliffhanger that divided a fan base last year was revisited again during The Walking Dead panel. While we have to wait until October to get a definitive answer the cast said many of them teared up reading the death scene knowing they would lose a cast member that had been with them so long.

AMC went to great lengths to hide the upcoming death of a popular cast member. Doing so by filming multiple deaths scenes of each cast member in case the footage leaked. So while we don’t get any insight as to who may have kissed Lucille in the Comic-Con footage – it does get me hyped for Season 7. I’ve been looking for a villian on the show to replace The Governor since Season 3 and it sure as shit looks like we hate it!

Check out the exclusive Comic-Con sizzle reel and trailer below. The first episode of the new season will air on Oct. 23 at 10 p.m. EDT


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