12 Classic Horror Movies We’d Love to See as TV Series

MTV / Scream

Horror on television isn’t anything new.  However, with the success of shows like A&E’s Bates Motel and MTV’s Scream, concepts originally written for the big screen are finding homes on the small screen.  For example, The Exorcist absolutely killed it and surprised us just how good it was.  If it’s a hit, we can expect to see even more follow suit.  Here are 12 classic horror movies with stories we’d like to see unfold week after week.

12.) Halloween

In his 2007 reimagining, Rob Zombie told us everything we’d want to know about the origin of Michael Myers. However, in the pilot episode of an ongoing television series, the story would be re-told, ending with the boy being put into a mental institution.  The rest of the series would take place there in the form of an anthology about the other patients.  The underlying mythology, though, would be the continued development of Michael Myers as an unstoppable force of evil.

11.) The Ring

Imagine an anthology not about people, but about a cursed videotape. Each week, the tape changes hands and creates murder and chaos for whomever possesses it.  The clever and interesting connective tissue of the series would be the way it is transferred each week, creating a cliffhanger every time.


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