12 of the Most Bizarre Movie Monsters, From Silliest to Most Disgusting

Robot Monster (1953)


The Ro-Man Extension XJ-9 is half robot, half gorilla, and it’s on a mission to Earth to destroy humanity!

It’s successful, except for eight human beings who are immune to its death ray.  However, he fails at killing them when he develops an illogical attraction to a scientist’s eldest daughter.

Chillerama (2011)

Chillerama was part of a low budget indie horror anthology directed by Adam Gree, Joe Lynch, Bear McCreary, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan.

Adam Rifkin’s segment might be one of the most bizarre “monsters” on this list. “Wadzilla” is a spoof on 1950s monster movies and is about “a guy that goes to get his sperm count raised, and it creates one big sperm that attacks New York City”.


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