3 Good Reasons To Not Complain About ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six Finale

Images Courtesy of AMC Networks


Image Courtesy of AMC Networks

As stated above, pretty much everyone knows by now who Negan slays in the comics. It’s Glenn Rhee. And as mentioned, it’s pretty brutal, iconic, and unforgiving. But it’s also been seen. By everyone. A lot. In order to create an interesting finale, the producers of the show had to up the ante. They had to keep the scene fresh for all the people who thought they were going in knowing what to expect. What better way to do this than to faithfully recreate that scene from a perspective as discrete as its comic counterpart is graphic? As the screams begin and the person who dies fades away the horror is maintained with the added bonus that we are not sure whether it was Glenn meeting that fate, or someone else entirely. It was a bold, daring move, and one that they knew would draw its share of controversy. But for the reasons stated above, it was a move that will secure the future of The Walking Dead for at least one more season, even at the cost of short-term outrage.

Love it or hate it, “Last Day On Earth” has succeeded for the The Walking Dead in a way no season finale has before. It ended things on an ugly note, but that note is the first in Negan’s song, not the last. And you probably won’t be able to help yourself from hearing how it plays out. Just wait and see.


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